Vote October 26, 2016

I believe focus on community services and facilities should be an ongoing commitment to ensure Saskatoon is a city for everyone. It drives everything we do. With improved management of our resources we are better able to reach those that are in need of social, addiction, and emergency support. It is time to look at how our money (at City Hall) is being spent.

We need to ensure that each and every one of us who lives, works, studies in Saskatoon and area has access to the kind of opportunities that enable us to reach our potential regardless of our age, income, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

I believe there can be big change, better change and realistic change. I am always open for discussion, suggestions and any concerns my community has for me, once elected.

I believe that some of our current Councillors are too stretched out with their jobs and taking on too many extra curricular activities (that are not City Council duties), that it is hard for them to truly be able to listen and act for their community. My platform is simple; I will be there for you, my community, as a representative, volunteer and activist. Bring our community together; not separate them by race, gender, sexual orientation or anything that make us; us. Bring a voice that has an opinion and is not afraid to use it. We all have concerns from roads to safety of our homes.

Let’s make a change, together.


Please help spread my message!