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1) The City of Saskatoon provides vital public services to its citizens. What public services need to be strengthened through the injection of new financial resources? How would you propose to pay for better public services in Saskatoon?

Policing; I believe we have a need for more ground force workers taking the streets back with more patrols. We need more access for sports as physical activity is needed for all ages and should be available to everyone. Roads; we need to rethink how our roads work; we can’t just simply just put up another set of traffic lights. Road travel needs to be consistent to be safe. Forward thinking when developing new areas to reduce traffic congestion. Redeveloping roads after they have been built is costly and preventable from the start.

2) What is your view of privatization of public services? Would you reverse the services that have been privatized by previous city governments?

I like the fact that Saskatoon and Saskatchewan have their own public services, we need to run them properly to ensure that we can afford to keep them. It is a key to keeping our service costs at a constant.

3) What could the City of Saskatoon do to improve its relationship with its employees? How can the collective bargaining rights of City of Saskatoon employees be better protected?

We can’t let disagreements go on like this. We need more praise for employees, fair wages, and idealize them.

4) What can the City of Saskatoon do to provide safe and affordable housing? How can we ensure that marginalized residents have a say in community and social planning?

I think more of what we are doing. It is important to keep housing affordable and available to our citizens for emergency, short term and long term. Education and having information easily attainable for everyone involved.

5) What role do you see for the City of Saskatoon to improve around economic development?

Work with all businesses to have them here and stay here. See what their needs are to be successful in Saskatoon. Having a sustainable business in the City of Saskatoon is key to the revitalization of our neighborhoods, employment opportunities and economics.

6) What specific initiatives would you propose to move Saskatoon to a low-carbon economy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions?

Reduction of waist, a small tax or ban on shopping bags, for starters. Drop the fee for recycling. It shouldn’t cost us to be good.

7) What can the City of Saskatoon do to promote reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians?

We need to stop separating people and bring them closer together. Rid ourselves of hard feeling, hate and anger that keeps us from moving forward together.

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