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Headline: Paulsen: Mayor’s race getting the headlines but city council warrants attention

By: Tiffany Paulsen
Published on: October 13, 2016 | Last Updated: October 13, 2016 11:23 AM CST

Ironically, the manic high around the mayor’s race is balanced with a slumber party in each of the ward electoral races throughout the city. It has become increasingly clear that all of the incumbents — Mairin Loewen, Randy Donauer, Darren Hill, Pat Lorje, Troy Davies, Zach Jeffries and Ann Iwanchuk — will be safely returned to their seats with little to no effort required by any of them.

What I take from this is she is either saying we are all sheep as voters or she is saying everyone is too focused on just the Mayor candidates… either way – I do not take lightly that ANYONE should be able to suggest that the incumbents get a cake walk. Do your research and don’t listen to media that have no polls that are, in fact, polls without reference to where they are getting their information.


Did you know that in the last election, in 2012, that the candidate that was elected in Ward 4 won by only 201 votes? Only 201!

Out of 17,337 registered voters in Ward 4 only 5,799 votes were counted. That is 11,538 voters that did NOT vote. If you think your vote does not matter, then the proof is in the number.

Count referenced from the 2012 Saskatoon Municipal Elections Poll by Poll Official Results

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  1. Louise Seidel says: Reply

    Hi Tobi
    I am still undecided about who to vote for in the civic election. I’m asking the following questions to help make my choice.
    What is your view on the role of the arts in Saskatoon?
    What live theatre have you purchased tickets to see in the last year?

  2. Tobi says: Reply

    Thank you for your question! I Love the arts. It has put food on my table. The last show I seen was last night, “Blind date “. I went to two shows last year. I would personally like to see Saskatoon have more theatrical and music shows. Thank you for your time to connect with me and your support would be most appreciated.

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