Vote October 26, 2016

Please take a minute to watch my video showing a bit of my platform. I believe that we need to stop letting the “boy’s club” run our interests. I have received emails raising concern that “not all of us can afford their $$$ galas”, especially when they aren’t even using their community to hold them or use any of the community businesses in them. Just their own clubs and boards they sit on, are involved in.”  We need to start looking at the ones that may be in it, not for you, but for their own recognition and networking.

Here is one excerpt from an anonymous email (who would not like to be identified), which is something that I had already felt and is one of the reasons I am running and can manage city council:

Over past 4 yrs he seems to be more interested in spending more time organizing and planning galas and $400 a plate suppers for saskatoon’s elite and the rich. He even leaves out all west end business in these event. Hasn’t  hosted 1 event on the west end in 4 yrs. seems to be on a different agenda when all his supporters seem to be wealthy business people from other areas in the city. He seems to have really lost touch with the west end. “West side” has just become a saying for him.

Another excerpt:

one of the councillors spending the communication budget they gave themselves. On expensive gala suppers. Why would tax payers be paying for city council to go to these expensive dinners. They are out of control giving them selves raises and expense accounts without a second thought of  hard working people they are taxing. The highest ever tax raises over the last 4 yrs. and we wonder why.

If you have concerns, please email me and all emails are treated anonymous. Click the contact link on the menu. You can email or phone.

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